The Field “The More That I Do” (MP3)


OK, so I’ll be the first to admit that this song has been blogged to death over the last 10 hours; I guess that’s what happens when a highly-bloggable band premieres an MP3 on Pitchfork.  Regardless, my plan for today was to either blog about this song, or about that Daft Punk guy actually being human, and the former is honestly more exciting than the latter.  Although, the most exciting news may just be Atlas Sound’s new virtual 7″ – it’s free, and it’s definitely a turn in a different direction.

Back to The Field

So I’ve mentioned at least twice before that I love The Field’s From Here We Go Sublime LP, so it goes without saying that my hopes/expectations for The Field’s forthcoming Yesterday and Today LP are high.

Thankfully, the first track made public from Yesterday and Today is really enjoyable, and sounds totally like you would hope/expect.  I can’t wait to here “The More That I Do” in proper context.

MP3: The Field “The More That I Do” (128kbps)



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