Ganjasufi‘s debut album/Warp debut A Sufi and a Killer is something I wish I discovered in a pile of dusty thrift-store records.  It’s fuzzy, soulful, and ‘timeless’, with more than a touch of quality production.  I haven’t had too much time with the whole album yet, but so far it’s displaying intriguing musical variety built around a singular deep vibe.

Ancestors” certainly embodies Sumach Ecks‘ beautifully strained vocals, and, ahem, Flying Lotus’s high-level production.

MP3: Gonjasufi “Ancestors” (192kbps)

BTW, you might remember Gonjasufi from his appearance on Flying Lotus’s superb Los Angeles LP.




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    im sleeping

  2. Interesting article thansk for sharing it

  3. what this ^^

    his hair very nice … I want like this

  4. فساتين

    thanks for this hea

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