Underwater Peoples Winter Review

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On Xmas day this year the music-blogosphere was given an amazing present by the folks over at Underwater Peoples: a winter music compilation from the labels’ artists.  Following the fantastic Underwater Peoples Summertime Showcase, the Winter Review had a lot to live up to, and it seriously does not disappoint.

Much like the Summertime Showcase was fantastic for laying on the beach, in the sun, and reading a good book, the Winter Review is fantastic for laying on the couch, in front of the fireplace, and reading a good book.  My favorite tracks so far from the Winter Review are those from Julian Lynch, Pill Wonder, Ducktails, Fluffy Lumbers, Dana Jewell, Family Portrait, and Alex Bleeker, but the compilation plays nicely from end to end.  It’s actually stunning how well UP’s roster compliments one another.

Restless” really kicks this compilation forward after Julian Lynch’s excellent, semi-ambient introduction, and is hands down my favorite Pill Wonder track to date.

MP3: Pill Wonder “Restless” (320kbps)

These Days” should be reason enough to take a listen to the new Alex Bleeker & The Freaks 12″.

MP3: Alex Bleeker “These Days” (320kbps)

The output from Underwater Peoples since the labels’ conception has been consistently wonderful.  The label’s musicians definitely fill a niche in my listening habits.

Download the full Winter Review for free, for a limited time only, from Chocolate Bobka.  It’ll also be available on CD from UP.



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