Pantha Du Prince


Pantha Du Prince‘s 2007 album This Bliss is one of my more enjoyed minimal-ish records of the past few years.  It’s simple yet intricate; it doesn’t demand your attention yet it still feels meaningful.

Thankfully, Pantha Du Prince is releasing a follow-up long-player called Black Noise this winter.  After reading Pantha’s own description of the album I feel inclined to share it:

“music slumbers in all matter; any sound, even silence, is already music. The mission, then, must be to render audible what is unheard and unheard of: black noise, a frequency that is inaudible to man. Black noise often presages natural disasters, earthquakes or floods; only some animals perceive this “calm before the storm.” Black noise is something archaic and earthy. The music on Black Noise balances precariously on the slippery threshold between art and nature, between techno and folklore, which lends it a certain spectral and intangible aspect.”

Earlier this week “The Splendour” — the lead single from Black Noise — ‘hit the blogosphere’ and quickly ‘made the rounds’.  However, there is another track from Black Noise floating around that ventures into riskier electronic territory than “The Splendour” and succeeds flawlessly, thus raising my hopes for the album to an unreasonable level.  That track is “Stick By My Side”, and it features aesthetically-irresistible vocals from Panda Bear.  If you haven’t heard the song yet you seriously have something to look forward to.

“The Splendour” features Tyler Pope (of !!! and LCD Soundsystem) on bass, and is a pleasing 6-minute continuation of Pantha Du Prince’s signature style, but it’s ‘got nothing’ on the aforementioned destined-for-hype collaboration with Noah Lennox.

MP3: Pantha du Prince “The Splendour” (96kbps)

UPDATE: Take a listen to “Stick By My Side”.



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