Overshadowed by Palomo’s standout Neon Indian project, VEGA has been not-so-quietly amassing an impressive play count amongst my music savvy friends.  Ideal for both real and imaginary dancing, VEGA’s seraphic nostalgia is kind of a throwback in ways that I relate to — and then there’s the 16-bit reference.

Supposedly VEGA’s Well Known Pleasures EP has seen an official release — I’ve been content playing the tour CD/bootleg(?) of said EP since last May — and I’ve heard there may be some sort of VEGA release in early 2010.

Presumably a plethora of Neon Indian and/or Ghosthustler (remember them?) supporters, Crystal Castles detractors, and blog house revivalists/laggards possess MP3’s for “All Too Vivid”, “No Reasons”, and “Well Known Pleasures”, as they’ve been around a while; if you haven’t heard them all ‘thank your lucky stars’ for the untimeliness of this post.

“All Too Vivid”‘s synthetic melodies and simulated hand-claps will make you “fall in love” because they were “meant to be.”

MP3: VEGA “All Too Vivid” (192kbps)

“No Reasons” begins with two bars of anticipation, the highs and mids gradually gaining force, until the lows kick in and the ‘shameless fun’ begins.

MP3: VEGA “No Reasons” (192kbps)

“Well Known Pleasures” are OK, because we should all “do the things that we’d like to.”

MP3: VEGA “Well Known Pleasures” (192kbps)

While I’d argue that a 6.0 merely hides the urge to succumb to VEGA’s immediate retro/dance-appeal under an unnecessary pretense, there are some worthwhile insights in Mark Hogan’s VEGA review, for example: “Given the evolution in band logos, it’s tempting to see VEGA as Sega to Ghosthustler’s N.E.S.: same computing power, more of a “cult” appeal.”

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