Twin Sister

So far, Twin Sister has released the year’s most affecting record, : the Color Your Life EP, which gently holds your hand, while guiding you through a melodic dream that was organically composed from within a blissful heart that collects orgasmic vibrations, pumps them into your lungs, and diffuses them into kitten-shaped, sun-soaked clouds, who circulate through your body, to the outer-reaches of your extremities, while purring inside your cochlea, fluttering omnipresent eyelashes, and exuding opiate smiles, before dissolving back into orgasmic vibrations and returning to your throbbing heart–if that sounds like I’m gushing in the surreal, it’s because I am gushing and it is surreal.

Lady Daydream” is a marvelous three and a half minutes of the forevermore elegant twenty-nine and a half minute record (that’s almost as long as Is This It).

MP3: Twin Sister “Lady Daydream” (320kbps)

Get Color Your Life digitally, for free, or for money–but it’s worth owning on wax (or CD maybe).  Also rewarding, the Vampires with Dreaming Kids EP is free, an excellent live recording is free at NYC Taper, and some limited edition cassettes are floating around.

If I had to settle on one record from the first half of 2010, Color Your Life would be it–it’s only been available for, like, a month or two, and I’ve already listened to it at least twice as much as any other record this year, and I’m still overwhelmed by it’s breath.


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