Beach House

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As you’ve probably heard from various sources, Beach House‘s forthcoming Teen Dream LP is fantastic.  And this is true; my 20+ spins so far would indicate such.  It seems like 2010 will be the year that Beach House receives official “Alternative Tenure” (see “Beach House Theory of 2k10“).  And that’s good, because Beach House deserve to make millions on their Sub Pop contract.  Now show your savvy and introduce soon-to-be Teen Dream fans to the other beautiful Beach House albums, like 2008’s Devotion, which boasts the highest play count in my iTunes over the last 12-months.  Teen Dream does move at a slightly quicker pace than Devotion and 2006’s self-titled Beach House record, so it’ll probably become the most accessible entry point.

Norway” is the lead MP3 from Teen Dream, and is one of the record’s many highlights (see also, “Lover Of Mine“).  Victoria’s ‘breathy’ backing vocals during the chorus give me the shivers.

MP3: Beach House “Norway” (211kbps//VBR)

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  1. The best dream pop band from 2010.

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