Juavves are “better than wavves”

Juavves es muy aburrido.


[Original lyrics sheet for Juavves first single; will eventually be sold/included in liner notes for LtdEd. Reissue]

OK, this is just way too LaCinta: a Spanish (!) version of a current, LaCinta approved, American indie-rock buzz band.

Juavves is a Spanish Wavves cover band, and to quote Juavves MySpace, the band is influenced by “mostly god and weed and surfing and weed,” and is going to choose a record label based on “whatever one will buy [us] the most weed.”  Juavves also wants you to know that they are “better than Wavves,” but will “only play shows if [they] get free weed.”

Juavves “Muy Aburrido” (Stream)

It kind of sounds like Wavves, but translated to Spanish.


PS: This is the kind of cover Chiclet might do “to create an Internet meme,” if they weren’t so damned mysterious/lazy.


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