January Recap: Albums, Songs, Videos, Films, etc.


Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion:


What would I say if I wanted express my love for MPP?

This album is really great.  It transcends society.  Animal Collective is the future of music.  I knew about AC before you knew about AC.  I’ve been listening to Animal Collective since they wore masks and sat on the floor making weird noises… blah blah blah.

Honestly though, I think my first Animal Collective record was Sung Tongs, back in 2004.  On first listen I thought Sung Tongs was really fucking weird, but I also liked Deerhoof and Fiery Furnaces around the same time, so I had a tolerance for the obscure.  As I dove into Animal Collective’s back catalogue, I had no idea what to think.  Their early music wasn’t exactly accessible.  But after a couple years, and the release of Feels (2005), it became very much apparent that Animal Collective had far more staying power (for me personally) than Deerhoof or Fiery Furnaces.  And every time I listen to an Animal Collective record it gets better.

Today I think Sung Tongs sounds totally like mainstream pop (even though it totally doesn’t).  For some reason Animal Collective seemed to gain a lot of exposure after Strawberry Jam (2007) – which I think is weirder then both Sung Tongs and Feels – but perhaps that’s merely representative of Pitchfork’s ever increasing influence over the indie-market.

Most of my friends still look at me funny when I play Animal Collective, so I guess they still don’t have enough crossover appeal to become intolerably popular, but as far as indie goes, Merriweather Post Pavilion is certainly garnering a hell of a lot of attention.  The album is great though, and I’m thrilled that Animal Collective has made it this far.  I mean how excited were you when you first heard “My Girls” “Summertime Clothes” and “Brothersport” ?  I seriously freaked out, and couldn’t sleep for days.

Fever Ray – Fever Ray


I am growing more and more fond of this album as the weeks pass. Karin Dreijer Andersson (of The Knife) did a wonderful job with this solo project.  The Knife is amazing, and Fever Ray is amazing too, only a lot more melancholy.   I’m sure it’ll get consistent playtime in my music collection for some time to come.

Nite Jewel – Good Evening


I’ve been following Nite Jewel for a while now (which means like 4 months of so), and I really enjoy the music.  I don’t find it particularly exciting, but it hits the spot late at night.  You could say it’s the jewel of my nights.  Good Evening features a lot of tracks that have appeared elsewhere in Nite Jewel’s small collection of released music.  But it’s nice to have 10 songs in once place now.

Worth a Listen:

Matt & Kim – Grand

I was thinking about calling this album overrated.  But I mean realistically, it’s a decent indie pop album.  Nothing special, but it has a lot of crossover appeal and will probably get a lot more play time on some people’s stereos then others – which is fine.

Lemonade – Lemonade

This album is OK.  It’s kind of like !!! – which is probably going to be a common reference point.  And much like !!! it’s decent music, but not really amazing.  I’m sure I will play it sometimes (like when I need an energetic electro rock kick) but I’ll probably never really love this album.

Muséé Méchanique – Hold This Ghost

I’m only on my second listen right now, but I’m enjoying this.  It doesn’t sound like something that will likely have much staying power for me.  But it’s mellow, and pretty, and acoustic, and peaceful.

MV & EE with the Golden Road – Drone Trailer What

I’ve listened to this thrice now, and it sort of makes me feel like I’m somewhere in between Black Mountain and The Flaming Lips.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

I think this album just hits a soft spot for me, because it reminds me a lot of early Sloan.  Like, some of the songs might as well just be Sloan cover songs.  I guess if TPOBPAH follow in Sloan’s steps they’ll hit their golden age in a couple years, and spend the next 20+ years producing consistently decent power pop.


The Von Bondies – Love Hate and Then There’s You

I guess I shouldn’t call this a disappointment, because my expectations were incredibly low, and The Von Bondies weren’t all that great in the first place.  But I did enjoy them circa 2004 for a couple months; probably until I decided that Fever To Tell (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) was a way better way to get my energetic rock fix.  I just always have a little hope for new albums from bands I used to like, thanks to my strong sense of nostalgia.


Bon Iver – Blood Bank EP

I have some friends that love Bon Iver.  And I get it, but it just doesn’t really do it for me.  I’m sure I’ll listen to it occasionally, but my brain just doesn’t have a huge demand for Bon Iver’s sad acoustic melodies.

Antony & The Johnsons – The Crying Light

Again, I see the appeal, but I just don’t think this is all that great.  For me, I’m just not too interested in it, at least not yet.


Royksopp “Happy Up Here”

This song is fun!

MF Doom “Ballskin”

This song makes me so frustrated that MF DOOM is waiting 10 million years to release a new LP.  It’s getting to the point where I expect him to release a new LP under every single one of his aliases in the next 12 months.

Thunderheist “Sweet 16”

“Lets talk that dirty talk, dirty dance, dirty walk, dirty hands, dirty saw, bend her over dirty ohhhh!”

“You can’t, can’t can’t go do this, tap tap tap tap tap the booty!”

Notice how the lyrics that stuck in my mind are the ones endorsing fun, and not the ones warning against it?

This is a song about illegal temptations, but the funny thing is I’m pretty sure the age of consent in Canada is actually 16, and Thunderheist is Canadian.

Guys/girls are going to be so proud if they grind a 16 year old while this song is playing.

Blind Man’s Colour “The Warm Current’s Pill”

MP3: Blind Man’s Colour – The Warm Current’s Pull

I actually thought this was an Animal Collective and/or Panda Bear song when I first heard it.  I blogged about BMC recently, and I really hope they can follow through on the hope I have for them.


Deerhunter – s/t

I’ve had this album for a while, but for some reason I hadn’t listened to it before.  I’m only a couple listens in but so far I enjoy it.  It’s definitely more punk than Deerhunter’s newer music, but I’m not much of a punk so I prefer the newer music.

Music Videos:

Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart

I love the creepy low light footage.

Blind Man’s Colour – Never Hope For Treasure

Definitely “artsy” – but it totally fits the post-AC DIY spirit that BMC seem to posses.

Lykke Li – Tonight

Recorded live in one take.  I can respect that.

Animal Collective – My Girls

I’ve heard people complain about this video, but I actually think it does an excellent job of what it’s going for.  And I’d LOVE to see the green screen version!


(not necessarily released this month)

Let the Right One In

I have a weakness for vampires.  I hadn’t really contemplated the angle this vampire story takes, but it’s definitely worth watching.  It’s a Norwegian film.

Vicky Christina Barcelona

Newest Woody Allen film, and for me it’s like a lot of Woody Allen, definitely entertaining, but by no means priceless.  Although Scarlet Johanson and Penelope Cruz do make out, and I found that I could relate to Scarlett’s character, is that OK?

Good Dick

I actually haven’t finished watching this yet, so hopefully the ending doesn’t suck.  The first half was very entertaining though – much better than expected.  I’ll probably finish it tonight.


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