Blind Man’s Colour. The Next Animal Collective!?


[Original BMC water colour painting]

Blind Man’s Colour is an unsigned band with serious potential.  I think they might still be in high school too (not sure though). And they spell “colour” like a Canadian.

Blind Man’s Colour have been posting music to their blog at a fairly prolific rate.  I found 2 LPs and an EP under the BMC name, and 2 LPs, an EP, and another collection of songs under the name Chromatic Flights (a BMC solo project), and a mixtape too. (I hope I got that all right).

Apparently Blind Man’s Colour also has an LP called Season Dreaming ready for release, and another EP called Wooden Blankets. We just have to wait until BMC sign a record deal to hear them.

It’s very much evident that Animal Collective are an influence on their music, and that’s a good thing. I also get the feeling that BMCs music is progressing quickly.

This track was posted to Gorilla vs Bear recently.  It’s the opening track off the unreleased Season Dreaming LP.  When I first heard it I caught myself thinking “I’ve never heard this Panda Bear song before…???” and then I checked my playlist and said “WTF BMC, this is awesome!”

MP3: Blind Man’s Colour – The Warm Current’s Pull

If this song is any evidence of the songs to follow, this could be an incredible LP.  I think we’re about to enter the post-Animal Collective era in DIY music, and I’m happy about it.

BMC actually contributed tracks to Collected Animals: an album of cover songs from Merriweather Post Pavilion that was recorded before the release of MPP.

This is BMCs video for “Never Hope For Treasure” – it’s an amazing song, and the arsty video compliments it nicely.

Oh, and Kanye West just endorsed them too!

Here’s the track Kanye posted to his blog with the title “SOME DOPE SHIT FOR MY APARTMENT”

MP3: Blind Man’s Colour – Jimmy Dove

So how exactly do we (the Internet) give Blind Man’s Colour the attention they deserve, without hyping them to death?


[Original BMC water colour]


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    thanks alot 🙂

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