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Diplo Presents: Free Gucci

Finally a Gucci Mane record/mixtape that flows relatively consistent quality through its entirety.  And of course it’s released while Gucci’s back in prison.

Reminiscent of Diplo using his leverage to elevate the careers of other indie-relevant/left-field hip-hop artists (see Piracy Funds Terrorism and Top Ranking), Diplo Presents: Free Gucci (Best Of The Cold War Mixtapes) sees Diplo crafting a tight 52-minute mix of (as the title suggests) material rooted in Gucci’s Cold War Series.  Featuring remixes from Diplo, SALEM, Flying Lotus, Memory Tapes, Zomby, and others, Free Gucci appeals to more than a few different types of hip-hop fans.

If you’ve been feeling Gucci’s rhymes and/or flow, but not feeling the entirety of his records/mixtapes, I’d recommend downloading Free Gucci.  It’s not quite brilliant, but it’s my favorite Gucci release yet, and it’s the best ‘starting-point’ if you have yet to give Gucci Mane a chance.

MP3: Download Here

Too bad Diplo included a few obligatory shouts-outs to himself and Mad Decent (as hilarious as “the crunkest DJ in the world” is).  Shout-outs always kill music’s romance for me.  At least they’re kept to a minimum here.



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