Tamaryn‘s music elicits a similar emotional response to a late evening spent listening to Robert Smith’s band.  The music is dark, emotional, and kind of gothic, but it’s not depressing, and it’s not meant to put you to sleep.  If this were the 80’s Tamaryn might actually be creating mainstream buzz.

Last years’ Led Astray, Washed Ashore EP is an impressive first release; Tamaryn’s sound is already well-developed.  This is the kind of EP that can spend hours on repeat without wearing thin — it could easily have been hyped, but somehow managed to stay relatively under the radar.

The three new songs I’ve heard from Tamaryn this year — “Mild Confusion”, “Light Shadows” and “Weather War” — all exemplify the band maintaining its course, and heading towards a promising debut-LP.

“Mild Confusion” is dark, meaningful and catchy; the vocals passionately melt into the reverb, a bit of a shoegazer I suppose.

MP3: Tamaryn “Mild Confusion” (256kbps)

“Mild Confusion” is a True Panther release, and has graced Fader, Stereogum, Pitchfork, and Insound, but, curiously, has yet to appear on Hype Machine.



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