OoOoO are based out of San Fransico, and describe their own sound as “the Nightmare of Darkness swallowing up rare spirits.”  Fittingly, OoOoO is the “noise ghosts make.”

As GvsB‘s Chris observed, SALEM recently featured OoOoO in their interesting entry into the We Make It Good Mix Series.  The comparison is translucent: SALEM and OoOoO share an electro-goth/dark-wave style.  So far OoOoO’s music feels slightly less gothic than SALEM’s, and has a more distinct guitar presence (see “Seaww” at the 2:11 mark).

I’m actually surprised that I haven’t encountered more artists slipstreaming SALEM’s recent rise in popularity.  But if 2010 is actually “gonna be all about despair,” as OoOoO assured Pinglewood, then I imagine the indie-music rhetoricians are going to want to coin a sub-genre more exclusive to the sound/scene than electro-goth/dark-wave… perhaps dark-chillwave?

I didn’t fully absord OoOoO upon first listen, but when “NoSummr4u” surfaced — with it’s SALEM-esque beat pattern — my attention was caught.

MP3: OoOoO “NoSummr4u” (128kbps)

“Seaww” is the darkest of these 3 OoOoO tracks, but looses a lot of its eariness when the guitar-solo kicks in.

MP3: OoOoO “Seaww” (128kbps)

“Mumbai” sounds like it could make a good ‘transitional moment’ on an OoOoO full-length.

MP3: OoOoO “Mumbai”(128kbps)

If you’re curious, OoOoO completely dismembered Lady Gaga’s “PokerFace” and haunted the Gossip Girl featured “My Egyptian Lover” by Nadiah Oh — thanks to the earliest innovator Get Off The Coast for the remixes.

MP3: Lady Gaga “Poker Face” (OoOOo Remix) (128kbps)

MP3: Nadia Oh “My Egyptian Lover” (OoOOo Remix) (128kbps)

If you speak Spanish read this Vice interview with OoOoO.




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5 responses to “OoOoO

  1. Thanks for the love! Glad to see folks catching on to this great shit.

  2. lacinta

    No worries! Hopefully OoOoO continue writing/recording and refining their sound : )

  3. monsterpussy

    lovein it.

  4. monsterpussy

    lovin it.

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