Beck “Harry Partch”


When Beck‘s nod to the composer/instrument creator Harry Partch recently surfaced I was taken aback by the impressive experimentation, and — I presume — timely writing and production of such a complexly orchestrated piece of music.  I also appreciate the moments that ‘sound’ a little like Beck might (hypothetically) be saying “I can make music that sounds like the Fiery Furnaces if I want to” (see the 1:18 mark).

If this song is actually the result of Beck being dissed by the Fiery Furnaces, here’s hoping more relevant artists diss Beck in the near future.  I mean the man is obviously feeling prolific these days, so why not inspire him?

“Harry Partch”, according to Beck’s website, “uses a 43 tone scale in reference to Partch’s innovations with alternate tonalities. A peregrination across disparate territory to ascertain an unassumed frame of reference.”  Basically that means it’s really interesting and deserves a listen.

MP3: Beck “Harry Partch” (192kbps)



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