Sleigh Bells


Sleigh Bells is a buzzing (via CMJ) duo consisting of ex-Poison The Well member Derek Miller, and ex-Rubyblue teen-popper Alexis Krauss (who is probably going to top some ‘coolest school teacher of the year’ lists).

The 7 Sleigh Bells’ tracks that I’ve heard are energetic and catchy, ranging from seriously-noisy to infectiously-poppy.  And then there’s this.

“Crown On The Ground” is a great noise soaked tune, but it kind of left me wondering whether Sleigh Bells were destined to be one-MP3-wonders; not the case, I was completely sold after one listen to the bands’ self-released CD-R Magic Metal.

MP3: Sleigh Bells  “Crown On The Ground” (254kbps//VBR)

“Ring Ring” is the ‘infectiously-poppy’ song that’ll take Sleigh Bells beyond noise and lo-fi fans.

MP3: Sleigh Bells “Ring Ring” (174kbps//VBR)

There are other Sleigh Bells’ MP3’s floating around if you look really hard.


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