Linstrøm “Little Drummer Boy (Edit)”


It looks like this holiday season is going to be a little less Sufjan and a little more space-disco than years passed.

Just in time for Christmas, Lindstrøm’s new 40-minute cover of “Little Drummer Boy” is being included as a bonus to Lindstrøm & Christabelle’s adventurous (and excellent) collaborative disco album, Real Life Is No Cool.  Orders start today, exclusively from Rough Trade, on LP and CDx3 — more than 6 weeks before the official release date.  I’m not sure if “LDB” will see an official MP3 release.

This “Little Drummer Boy”exert sounds like it could be the climax of the song, but it’s hard to tell.  I’m hoping the other 35-minutes explore some spacier sonic territory, for I fear the hammering little drum beat may be met with some resistance from my relatives.

MP3: Lindstrøm “Little Drummer Boy (Edit)” (256kbps)

You might say Lindstrøm’s version is a slight deviation from Bright Eyes’ take on the song.




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3 responses to “Linstrøm “Little Drummer Boy (Edit)”

  1. What is the picture from? I used to have a children’s christmas book with those illustrations in it.

  2. lacinta

    Not sure where the picture is from, I just google-imaged “little drummer boy” and linked to it.

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