Summer Camp


Summer Camp is a group of Swedes who “met at summer camp when [they] were fourteen.” Or at least that’s the story. In their song “Why Don’t You Stay” they sing “think back to the summer/days went on forever/and we thought we’d never, never get old” — and while they certainly won’t be able to avoid aging, their timeless lo-fi-pop tunes just may.

“Ghost Train” may well be the most infectious autumn love song of the year.  It seems built for reminiscing about stubborn ex-lovers whose trains have long left the station; but it’s not aching nostalgia that you’ll feel, but an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

MP3: Summer Camp “Ghost Train” (160kbps)

“I Only Have Eyes For You” is a cover of a 75-year-old love song given the 2009 lo-fi-pop treatment: fuzz, loops, and fuzz (although the original 1934 recording may well have been fuzzy too).  This song is not a must like “Ghost Train”, but — given the lack of available material from Summer Camp — it’s worthwhile.

MP3: Summer Camp “I Only Have Eyes For You” (160kbps)



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