Wild Nothing


Wild Nothing is a one-man bedroom-pop act belonging to Virginia’s Jack Tatum.  The band has a 7″ (pictured above) entitled “Summer Holiday” (supposedly influenced by this: note the hipsters on bicycles) currently available for pre-order on Captured Tracks (see Woods, the Bitters, Blank Dogs, Brilliant Colours, Dum Dum Girls, Little Girls, and the Mayfair Set).

After listening to a few Wild Nothing tracks it’s easy to see why the band’s top MySpace friends include Pearl Harbour, My Bloody Valentine, and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart — haze, pop, romance, and DIY are all keywords here.

The band’s lead (non)single “Confirmation” straddles a gorgeous– very 2009 relevant– textural line somewhere between Memory Tapes and the Pains.

MP3: Wild Nothing “Confirmation” (192kbps)

“Cloudbusting” is a worthwhile Kate Bush cover that sounds very much at home next to “Confirmation”.  It also happens to be an ideal tune for laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, and imagining clouds shaped like lovers.

MP3: Wild Nothing “Cloudbusting” (Kate Bush cover) (192kbps)



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