Wavves “Mickey Mouse”

mickey-mouse-10 copy[unofficial pic]

Nathan Williams is missing a skateboard benefit concert for surgery on the arm he broke skateboarding, but he posted a new demo to his Ghost Ramp blog for us to “jam on” until he’s back.

“Mickey Mouse” is reportedly not going past ‘demo’ stage, but this song is great: lo-fi Wavves adds sampled-loops to his song structure, hits the 5:31 mark, and undoubtedly causes a blog-load of unexpected Animal Collective comparisons. Comparison #1:It sounds like lo-fi Animal Collective!” And yes, indeed, the loops make “Mickey Mouse” sound a lot like Animal Collective… and I like this direction.

MP3: Wavves “Mickey Mouse” (192kbps)

If you’re interested, you can get the full 55.7mb .aif version here.



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