Kurt Vile


By this point you’ve probably been introduced to the indie-circa-now influenced classic-radio-transmissions of one of the years many new-ish (see Night Control, Wavves, Pearl Harbour, Ducktails, Real Estate, the Smith Westerns, etc.) contemporary lo-fi-basement child-ish prodigies: Kurt Vile — and if you haven’t, you can start with the new “Overnite Religion” from his forthcoming Matador debut album Childish Prodigy.

“Overnite Religion” is as good as or better than what I’d expect from Vile after spending some time with his rather enjoyable albums Constant Hitmaker and God Is Saying This To You…

MP3: Kurt Vile “Overnite Religion” (192kbps)

And previously from Kurt Vile, the should-be-hugely-popular “Freeway” from Constant Hitmaker.

MP3: Kurt Vile “Freeway” (251kbps/VBR)

Constant Hitmaker//God Is Saying This To You…//Childish Prodigy — notice any trends?



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