Alright, I’ve got to thank Pitchfork for this one.  Somehow I’ve managed to go X-number of days without encountering Javelin (singular, fyi).  Javelin is crazy.  I know I’m not the first person to drop this comparison, but my first thought was that Javelin makes some damn-groovy tunes that are (somewhat) in vein of the Avalanches.

“Vibrationz” seems to be the quick-n-danceable free-MP3 from the awesome, sample-heavy, self-released, Jamz n Jemz LP.  There’s a few mediocre moments on the album —  “STD Fury” (which might make Peaches blush) comes to mind — but there’s also a ton of to-die-for moments amongst the 25 tracks, like “Lindsay Brohan”, “Africadabra”, “Vibrationz”, and even the brief outro-track “The Liger”.

MP3: Javelin “Vibrationz” (192kbps)

Now get yourself to a beach-party and/or BBQ and jam to these jemz.



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