Pearl Harbour


Pearl Harbour are inspired young-blond Californian-sisters that create timeless fuzzy-beach-pop.  If the current lo-fi-beach trend is your thing, you’re going to love Pearl Harbour.

Definitely not to be confused with the forgettable Pearl Harbor and the Explosions, these new Pearl’s have a good portion of the sun-bleached indie-blogosphere eating out of their hands.

The girls are offering a CD-R from their MySpace, and will have a 12″ on Mexican Summer (see Kurt Vile, Dungen, Ariel Pink, BMSR, Marissa Nadler, Valet, etc.) out in the fall.

All the Pearl Harbour songs I’ve heard so far are pretty much gorgeous, which bodes well for future material.

“Sunburn” was the first Pearl Harbour song I heard, and it’s the catchiest yet.

MP3: Pearl Harbour “Sunburn” (160kbps)

“Lost @ Sea” is a little bit more of a grower, but it’s just as strong “Sunburn”, and is (probably) more re-listenable.

MP3: Pearl Harbour “Lost @ Sea” (128kbps)

I’ve had the least amount of time with “The High Road”, but its barely audible lyrics and muffled melody (sound like the description for this entire genre?) work well together.

MP3: Pearl Harbour “High Road” (128kbps)

“Vapor Girls” is a demo, or at least it’s tagged as such, but it sounds almost complete enough to be a ‘finished’ song.

MP3: Pearl Harbour “Vapor Girls” (demo) (160kbps)

On a related note, Pearl Harbour sister Piper K makes one-off Surfside Slasher tees, and hosts a spacey online radio show.  Her last radio show — entitled Sunburnt — included a number of my personal favorite songs by the Vivian Girls, Beach Fossils, Best Coast, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Holy Fuck, and Dara Pupista; clearly Pearl Harbour preach what they practise.



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