Real Estate

(not foreclosed)


First introduced to me early last winter, Real Estate is amongst my favorite sun-drenched music of 2009.  The band’s “official” releases are limited to a scattering of 7inches on trusty indie-labels (see Underwater Peoples, Half Machine Records, & Woodsist), and one of the best tour-CDR’s of the year, Atlantic City Expressway.

Real Estate’s “Beach Combers” is one of the unquestionable highlights of the Underwater People’s “temporarily free” and immensely enjoyable Summertime Record Showcase.  Another one of the compilations’ strong-points is “Backyard” — an uncharacteristically brief instrumental by psych-basement-kid Ducktails aka Matt Mondanile of Real Estate; add to Real Estate-member-list member(s)(?) of Predator Vision (that band who make reeaally long lo-fi-psych songs), and it’s not too hard to see why Real Estate sells.

I’m currently aware of 12 available-in-some-manner-or-another Real Estate tracks; play them in a row and you have a masterful pool-side LP, seriously.

“Black Lake” almost makes me want to get stranded on a desert island with only my short-shorts, “Black Lake” on both sides of a 7inch (with the means to play it), and a faded Polaroid of a circa 1950’s Cali-girl (to dream about).  The song was much deservingly Pitchforked a while back, and is available on 7inch alongside “Suburban Beverage” and “Old Folks”.

Mp3: Real Estate “Black Lake” (320kbps)

A “Suburban Beverage” while trapped in suburbia on a hotter summer day? “Budweiser, Sprite, do you feel alright?”  Available on 7inches coupled with either “Black Lake” and “Old Folks” or with “Green River”.

MP3: Real Estate “Suburban Beverage” (320kbps)

“Green River” ain’t very long, but I’m still going to float my inner tube down it’s (presumably slimy) path.  This song was recently released as a B-Side to Half Machine’s Records’ new Suburban Beverage 7inch.

MP3: Real Estate “Green River” (320kbps)


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