the Flaming Lips ‘Songs From The Future Album Embryonic’

embryonic452If you haven’t heard the first three “released” songs from the not-so-distant-future Lips’ 2xLP Embryonic, then you best track them down.  I was instantly thrilled to hear the Lips venturing into different sonic territory… I’d say we’re looking at a middle-ground between old Lips and new Lips (definitely more psychedelic and experimental than anything we’ve heard from the band in years) — and after the mediocrity of At War With the Mystics a change is certainly welcome.

After spending more than a week with these 3 songs, I’m excited as could be for the future album Embryonic.  And even Schreiber is excited.

SFTFAE Tracklist:

1. “Silver Trembling Hands”

2. “Convinced of the Hex”

3. “The Impulse”


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