Liechtenstein‘s Survival Strategies In A Modern World was initially unassuming — that album title doesn’t help — until it dawned on me that I was playing the album almost everyday; it’s even been receiving more playtime then Slumberland label-mates The Pains of Being Pure At Heart.  There’s nothing particularly original about the band’s sound — imagine a polished, accessible, Swedish-version of Vivian Girls — but this grimy, straight-forward indie-girl-pop is consistent, pleasing, and catchy; thus, quite enjoyable.

“Roses In The Park” is the band’s free-MP3 from their debut-LP, and while it’s not my favorite song on the album, it does a decent enough job of introducing Liechtenstein.  If you don’t care for “Roses In The Park” you probably won’t care for the album, but if the song sounds alright to you I’d definitely recommend checking out the rest Survival Strategies In A Modern World (the album is much stronger than the single).


MP3: Liechtenstein “Roses In The Park” (192kbps)

“Stalking Skills” is another free-MP3 from the band’s 2007 Stalking Skills 7inch, and was also featured on a few compilations in 2006 & 2008. The song seems to be a little less developed, and slightly lower-fidelity than the new material, but it’s still very much Liechtenstein (or at least as Liechtenstein as Liechtenstein can be).


MP3: Liechtenstein “Stalking Skills” (192kbps)

If there’s anything I’ve learned from listening to Liechtenstein, it’s that I can hardly wait for the new Vivian Girls album, and I probably shouldn’t “leave the cat on the stove” (or at least that’s what I hear — see “Postcards“).


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