jj “from africa to málaga”

YOURS0113jj are 3 for 3 so far.  Although that is only 3 songs, I feel comfortable saying that — regardless of the identity of the mysterious pop-talents behind the capital-letter-free jj — the band are a great addition to the Sincerely Yours roster.  I also love the (true to the previous) black & very white, very posh + blood Polaroid (pictured above) that accompanies “from africa to málaga” (jj = graphic designers?).

“from africa to málaga” is (as is more-or-less always the case on these SY articles) a wonderfully subdued, looping-and-sampling band-on-the-beach pop-tune which creates a St. Etienne-esque, fashion-forward aesthetic; a female vocalist prominently sings (terribly depressing lyrics, btw) over the blissful backdrop.  The song is being offered from Sincerely Yours — catalogue number YOURS0113 — as a free-MP3 download at 192kbps, and as a pay-for-download at 320kbps.


MP3: jj “from africa to málaga” (192kbps)

I don’t know about you, but I would love some new Tough Alliance to add to my SY summer rotation (see “GBG Belongs To Us“).



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  1. This is an excellent song.

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