Air France “GBG Belongs To Us”


Air France have posted a cute little 3 part love letter — one part video, one part song, one part travel instructions — to their current hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden.  Both the song and marketing approach are fittingly Air France/Sincerely Yours.

“GBG Belongs To Us” immediately struck a I really love Saint Etienne-inspired chord straight to my heart, but it took Pitchfork’s insight to point out that “GBG Belongs To Us” is “likely a reference to Saint Etienne’s “London Belongs to Me”,” which just so happens to appear on Saint Etienne’s just Best New Re-Issue’d Foxbase Alpha (one of my favorite albums from the ’90’s).


MP3: Air France With Roos “GBG Belongs To Us” (128kbps)



I’ve also been giving some playtime to Avner’s recently Sincerely Yours released album Lyssna, and while it’s worth a moment of your attention, it has yet to become a favorite.


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