Girls‘ new video for the passionate 7 minute “Hellhole Ratrace” (supposedly available on 7″ via True Panther) premiered on today (watch it here), and it’s basically a party-night in-the-life-of Girls.  I’m not sure the crisp HD footage really suites the vibe, but the 20-something socializing certainly suites the song.

It feels like I’ve been waiting a while for Girls to release some new music, but if waiting will allow for more gems like “Hellhole Ratrace” to be created, then I’m happy to wait.  Fortunately, it does sound like the debut LP should be ready before too long.


MP3: Girls “Hellhole Ratrace” (320kbps)

Girls also have the sold-out Lust For Life/Morning Light 7″ (which was limited to 500 copies) on True Panther — home of another one of my favorite bands-on-the-rise Glasser, and the occasionally-played-on-my-stereo Lemonade — which features, and I quote, “Two unstoppable A-Sides. No B-Sides.”  Here are those “unstoppable” A-Sides.


MP3: Girls “Lust for Life” (160kbps)


MP3: Girls “Morning Light” (160kbps)

“Lust For Life” is my favorite of the two, probably because it’s more accessible, but the reverb-soaked “Morning Light” is actually something of a grower.

Until that debut LP arrives, here’s a Girls’ cover of (the slightly too acoustic for my taste) Cass McCombs, and a live video for “Carolina.”



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