Les Sins


Les Sins is Chaz Bundick’s “Pop/Disco House” side-project, and it’s a stark contrast to the fuzzy bedroom-pop of his other side-project, Toro Y Moi (which is HIGHLY-recommended, by the way).  The funny thing is, I far prefer Chaz’s ‘side-projects’ to his main-project.

“Lina” is a seemingly-effortless original house(ish) track that makes me think, “I could swear I’ve danced to this song before,” right before I actually start dancing.


MP3: Les Sins “Lina” (128kbps)

“Fuck Work Remix” is a masterful remix that warps the original like 5+ levels forward.


MP3: Cubic Zirconia “Fuck Work” (Les Sins remix) (128kbps)

Thanks to Chaz for the complimentary MP3s.



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