Here We Go Magic “Fangela” (Video)

Here’s another labor-intensive ‘art-video’ made “almost entirely by hand” by Snejina Latev, “composed of charcoal animations, small sculptural elements, super-8 footage, stop-motion animation and homemade light effects,” for Here We Go Magic‘s excellent “Fangela”.  I appreciate videos like this, but I never feel like I actually enjoy watching them as much as I should.

If you haven’t heard Luke Temple‘s Here We Go Magic before, you seriously have to listen to the self-titled debut LP; it’s some of the year’s best “conceptual-core,” and continues to grown on me with every listen.

“Tunnelvision” is the free-MP3 from the self-titled debut, and it’s tasteful combination of fuzzy four-track noise, catchy guitar-riff, straight-forward drums, smooth high-pitched singing, and soft looping background-vocals help to make it amongst the stronger Here We Go Magic songs.


MP3: Here We Go Magic “Tunnelvision” (256kbps)



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