Memory Tapes “Bicycle”

memorytapes2The Memory Cassette/Weird Tapes merger has delivered its first song, and it’s an enjoyable 5+ minutes that goes by the name of “Bicycle”.  The song is streaming over at MySpace, and will no doubt be posted to We’re Tapes in MP3 format sometime soon. (now posted)

“Bicycle” actually sounds a lot like you might expect it to: the late-night friendly textures of Memory Cassette collide with the pleasant electro-thumps of Weird Tapes… not unlike this (but in a good way).

Stream: Memory Tapes “Bicycle”

UPDATE: MP3 now available via We’re Tapes.  “Bicycle” will be featured on a 12″ EP in August (in the UK), and released on Memory Tapes debut LP in September.


MP3: Memory Tapes “Bicycle” (320kbps)

I”ll re-blog/review “Bicycle” once I have an MP3.



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