Julianna Barwick “Bode”


Julianna Barwick makes beautiful music.  Her 2007 album Sanguine is a peaceful wandering — not in the directionless sense — that compliments a relaxing bedtime.

I’m on my first few listens of Julianna’s new 6-song (eMusic released) Florine EP (I had previously heard 3 of the 6 songs), and so far “it’s music to my ears”.  A definite recommended listen; that is, providing the “classical” genre-fication doesn’t detour you.

“Bode” is the excellent EP-closer on Florine, and — like most of Julianna’s music — is based almost entirely on harmoniously looping vocals, and is done with the graceful precision of, well, an angel(?!).


MP3: Julianna Barwick “Bode” (218kbps/VBR)



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