Wavves is bored, not boring.

Some music… and then “final meltdown moments” from 2:10 mark on.

After Wavves’ widely-indie-publicized meltdown at Primavera Sound Festival last week, Wavves’ front-man Nathan Williams’ “rock-star credibility” may be at an all-time high, but his reputation as a live act couldn’t be worse.  But, what I think we need to remember, is that Wavvves is still one of the better albums thus far in 2009, and regardless of Nathan’s somewhat understandable but seriously unfortunate meltdown, Wavves is actually capable of sounding pretty enjoyable (however brief) in a live environment.

Case in point, acidjack‘s March 30, 2009 recording of Wavves 8-song-set at NYC’s Mercury Lounge.  As NYCTaper points out, “The live Wavves sound is significantly less saturated than the albums, and the result is a clear listening experience,” and thus, I believe that live-Wavves offers something enjoyably-different from bedroom-studio-Wavves.

MP3: Wavves (live set) (03/30/09 in NYC) (45.4MB) (dwnld link via NYCTaper)

[Total time 24:28]
01 Beach Demon
02 Summer Goth
03 So Bored
04 California Goths
05 To The Dregs
06 Friends Were Gone [unreleased — soon to be released on Fader 7″ Series]
07 No Hope Kids
08 Wavves

Thanks (again) to NYCTaper for always providing excellent live recordings.



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