DJ Kaos “Love the Nite Away” (Tiedye Mix)

welcome to the summer of 2009


As far as summer jams for 2009 are concerned, I’m currently digging this Tiedye remix of DJ Kaos’s “Love The Night Away”, and YACHT’s unbelievably-awesome “Psychic City“.  Given that I live in the hippie-mecca of North America, it seems more than fitting that Tiedye — pronounced like a “tie-dye” tee (or so I like to hope/imagine) — would soundtrack my summer fun.  In fact, I may just play this track on repeat during my mandatory “tie-dye all my American Apparel tees before summer starts” party.

Pitchfork’s David Drake describes this song more passionately than I ever will, so I’ll just leave it to him.


MP3: DJ Kaos “Love The Nite Away” (Tiedye Mix) (240kbps//VBR)

It brought on a strong sense of uneasiness when Drake described this track as “perhaps the Avalanches remixing the New Radicals“, because that description is more-or-less bang-on, and it’s pretty weird to think I’m grooving to a New Radicals-esque tune.  But like Drake says, this song “represents a timeless, universally recognized, frequently-chased, and seldom-realized intangible feeling,” so I’m just going to let-go and enjoy.



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  1. simon

    Never heard of that festival before, might have to come up from seattle and check it out!

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