Blind Man’s Colour “Heavy Cloud Hustle” (MP3)

bmcSeasonDreamingCoverI was rather excited when I discovered Blind Man’s Colour last January.  When “Warm Current’s Pull” played for the first time I was positive I was listening to something Animal Collective related — and considering BMCs contributions to Collected Animals, I suppose in some sense I was.

I’ve spent some time listening to BMC’s (and side project Chromatic Flights’) plethora of (worthwhile) freely released songs — available via Blind Man’s Colour blog — but judging by the opening two tracks off the forthcoming Season Dreaming LP, “Warm Current’s Pull”, and recently Pitchfork premiered “Heavy Cloud Hustle”, it’s going to be Season Dreaming that really takes BMC to the next level (not to mention the 6 song EP that’ll be released a couple months after Season Dreaming).

Apparently you can get the entire digital Season Dreaming album now, from Kanine Records, provided you pre-order the CD or LP.  I haven’t done so yet, but I’m getting awfully tempted.

bmchchratingMP3: Blind Man’s Colour “Heavy Cloud Hustle” (256kbps)

And here’s the previously posted “Warm Current’s Pull”.

bmcwcpratingMP3: Blind Man’s Colour “The Warm Current’s Pull” (128kbps)

Take a look over here for Kanye approved “Jimmy Dove”, and the video for “Never Hope For Treasure”.




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