Friday Bridge “This Case Is Closed” (Johan Agebjörn remix)


Johan Agebjörn — the talented producer behind Sally Shapiro’s Italo-disco mastery — was kind enough to send me a link to a new remix that he describes as “one of my more Shapiro-esque remixes”.  Johan’s brief description is accurate, and the remix of Friday Bridge‘s “This Case Is Closed” (from the band’s new Bite My Tongue LP) delivers more than 6 minutes worth of fantastic “Shapiro-esque” bliss.  Between this remix, and the recently released “Miracle“, my anticipation for Sally Shapiro’s sophomore album is becoming something fierce.


MP3: Friday Bridge “This Case Is Closed” (Johan Agebjörn remix) (320kbps)

I wasn’t previously familiar with the Swedish indie-electro-pop duo Friday Bridge, but according to Johan “they’re quite known in Sweden” — and after listening to the Bite My Tongue LP for the first time, and taking a look at the highly-crush-worthy Ylva Lindberg (pictured above) it’s not hard to see why Sweden is into this band.

Here’s a stream of the original version of “This Case Is Closed” (for comparison’s sake) and it’s quite enjoyable.

Friday Bridge “This Case Is Closed” (Original Version) (Stream)

Discover more about Friday Bridge over at But Is It Art? and the band’s website.


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