Rainbow Arabia “Haunted Hall”


Rainbow Arabia is due to release a 12″ EP (or mini-LP, if you want to be trendy) titled Kabukimono on July 27th, 2009 through Manimal Vinyl Records.

The Kabukimono EP, is produced by Butchy Fuego of Pit Er Pat — whom are an excellent band & recorded one of my favorite LPs of 2008: High Time.

The 12″ EP “will include four new tracks, a new version of “I Know I See I Love I Go” and 2 remixes of “Omar K” and “Let Them Dance”.

Today the band revealed the first of the 4 new songs, entitled “Haunted Hall.”hauntedhallrating

MP3: Rainbow Arabia “Haunted Hall” (160kbps)

“Haunted Hall” expands upon the wordly(ish)-indie/electro path of the decent Basta EP, but seems to be a little more re-listenable.  Although this forthcoming EP is called Kabukimono, “Haunted Hall” doesn’t appear to have much Japanese influence; but perhaps the EP title is more a reference to the behavior of the Kabukimono. Regardless, “Haunted Hall” is definitely worth a listen.

Also — just in case you missed it the first time it circulated — here’s that awesomely-zany music video for Rainbow Arabia’s “Omar K”.

Like I said, zany!



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