Broken Social Scene is recording…

..& the Book is Broken.


In a recent MySpace post, Kevin Drew reveals a little bit about what’s happening with the Broken Social Scene.  He explains why they’re recording in Chicago with John McEntire instead of perhaps in Toronto with David Newfeld (David is busy recording a new Chikita Violenta album in Mexico, awesome), why they canceled their Olympic Island show (noisy racecars), and reveals absolutely nothing about what the new material sounds like or who’s playing on the album.  He also goes on to warn us of the dangers of Twitter, vampires, drugs, and relying too heavily on our stereos for guidance (exert below).  Kevin also justifies the new Broken Social Scene “yearbook” — which I’m pretty sure is more of a personal invasion than Twitter, but hey, I’m not going to argue with the man (so long as he continues to record good music).

Broken Social Scene “Ibi Dreams Of Pavement (A Better Day)” (stream)

“Enjoy your lives, avoid the instant gratification society, watch out for vampires, easy on the all the drugs out there (legal and illegal), don’t ask guidance from your stereo, just ask for a little bit of truth. Also watch out for this twitter shit that has become the new thing these days…if instant communication keeps going like this we’ll have to all find our own personal shaman to help remind us how to live and there is not enough of them on this planet for all of us…..” — Kevin Drew



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