Patten “Version” (Test Mixxx)

is Patten no-wave-electro?!


Is Patten‘s “Version” (Test Mixxx) supposed to be no-wave-electro?  Whether it is or not, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it.  It doesn’t sound bad (it’s certainly interesting), but it also doesn’t sound particularly appealing and/or accessible — basically it sounds exactly like no-wave does to me, with some heavy electronic beats on the side.

I know I’m supposed to appreciate no-wave on an artistic level – even though I have trouble relating to the likes of Lydia Lunch, and Teenage Jesus & The Jerks – so I feel like I should appreciate Patten on an artistic level; apparently Pitchfork does.

With that said, I can certainly appreciate the artistic merit of Richard Kern’s “art porns,” which are widely considered “no-wave-cinema” (partially thanks to the casting of Lydia Lunch).  However, Sonic Youth is often referred to as no-wave (even though I’m inclined to disagree) and I know I am supposed to love (not just appreciate) Sonic Youth, but alas, I don’t love them. I’ve been listening to Patten “Version” (Test Mixxx) on repeat for a little while now, and I’m inclined to say that I’m starting to appreciate it a lot more, based largely on originality.  Perhaps this no-wave-electro business will continue to grow on me, much like lo-fi-indie-noise-rock did.  Either that, or a Patten is going to induce a lot of seizures in the London club scene in the coming months; simply put: “Version” is starting to give me a headache, and it feels like a no-wave induced headache on originality boosting robot steroids.


MP3: Patten “Version” (Test Mixxx)



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