fan video: Grizzly Bear “Two Weeks”

This unofficial fan video for Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” just surfaced.  It’s a sampling of clips from the classic 1956 film La Ballon Rouge.

While the video isn’t flawlessly edited – the ‘black out’ sections and text leave something to be desired – the intended effect is indeed accomplished.  Something about the story, and brilliant footage, in La Ballon Rouge fits beautifully together with the lyrics and textures of “Two Weeks” — I suppose there is in fact some “malaise” to the story of the boy who befriended a red balloon and (after being attacked by a gang of boys who wanted to pop the balloon) was carried away into the sky by a cluster of variously coloured balloons.

From here on out I may just pretend that the relationship to which Grizzly Bear is referencing in “Two Weeks” is in fact that of a boy and his balloon… it’s certainly a lot more pure than “adult love” will ever be.



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