Bat For Lashes “Wilderness” (stream)

While the bonus song on the compact disc of Bat For Lashes’ fabulous new Two Suns LP is an excellent “lo-fi version” of “Daniel,” the bonus track on the iTunes full digital album is the B-Side “Wilderness.”

It’s a slow emotional ballad that is going to sound fantastic in the middle of the night in my cabin in the Canadian wildernesss.

The track is certainly worth hearing, and if you’re a Bat For Lashes fan it’ll be worth adding to your collection.  It’s probably a good thing that it’s a B-Side instead of an A-Side though, because it would have taken away some of the momentum on Two Suns.

Stream the track above, via some enterprising fan who posted the song to YouTube after theoretically being surprised! to discover it. (This fan – for some insane reason – also made the entire album streamable, track by track, on YouTube).



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