new! Animal Collective “Bleed” (Live in DC) (MP3)


Animal Collective has been performing a new/unreleased song tentatively called “Bleed.”  Much in the vein of their recent remix of Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Zero,” (which I reviewed a few weeks back) “Bleed” sees the band maintaining their retreat into some sort of dank cave, presumably where mainstream America will be too frightened to follow.

MP3: Animal Collective “Bleed” (live in DC) (192kbps)

Thanks to the die-hard fans, the Collected Animals, for making this live MP3 available.

I’ll be seeing Animal Collective live in a couple weeks, and I’m pretty excited about it.


In other Animal Collective news…


The Animal Crack Box in now available.  I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m sure excited to.  Also, that test vinyl pressing of the Animal Crack Box sold on eBay for a solid $2,425 USD — with proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders (I was going to mention this a while back, but I was kind of embarrassed to admit I was actually following the auction).



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