new! Sally Shapiro “Miracle” (MP3)

Released (you guessed it) via Twitter


In a MySpace blog post tonight, Sally Shapiro explains that “this is the first single from our new album “My Guilty Pleasure” which will be released later this year.”

Awesome!  And isn’t “My Guilty Pleasure” a perfectly fitting title for an italo-disco album?!

I’ve had the song on repeat for the last 40 or so minutes, and I’m definitely enjoying it.  Sally is back in proper italo form — and she’s totally up with the times: “We’re giving away a free mp3 but that’s the 5-minute album version which will not be properly released until the album.”

So get your ‘right-click-save-as’ on, and take a listen to the album version of “Miracle,” from Sally’s forthcoming sophomore LP, My Guilty Pleasure.

MP3: Sally Shapiro “Miracle” (Album Version) (128kbps)

And remember, “the new Sally Shapiro single “Miracle” will be released on June 16th by Permanent Vacation (12″ and download) and Paper Bag Records (download only).”




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2 responses to “new! Sally Shapiro “Miracle” (MP3)

  1. jake

    I’m not feeling this one, maybe I expected too much. I just hope the album will put this single into context and I’ll somehow magically like it.

  2. Jamie

    It’s such a great song!
    Check out the music video for this on youtube… it is so sweet….

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