mixtape review: the Cool Kids “Gone Fishing”

At the same ‘ol fished-out-hole as Asher Roth & 50 Cent.


Gone Fishin_Mixtape Cover_Final

When I first heard the Cool Kids I was kind of excited.  I’m not a huge hip-hop fan, and only a handful of MCs – like Ghostface & DOOM – really do it for me, so it was kind of a big deal that I enjoyed the Cool Kids.

Problem is, the initial excitement wore off, and I haven’t played a Cool Kids track yet this year.  However, the Cool Kids did show some potential for revitalizing hip-hop, and definitely found their niche: hipster-hop.  Or so I thought… they might just be going for mainstream hip-hop now.

I haven’t exactly been loosing sleep in anticipation of the official debut Cool Kids LP, but I’ve been at least hoping that it would be good.  Unfortunately, the precurser to the forthcoming When Fish Ride Bicycles – this ‘Gone Fishing‘ mixtape – is entirely unlistenable.

I need to be honest though, I didn’t (and couldn’t) make it all the way through the mixtape.  I’m sure there are some shining moments here, but I couldn’t tolerate the task of looking for them.  The main problem may well be the ultra-mainstream DJ/producer Don Cannon (see 50 Cent, Ashter Roth, Ludacris, G-Unit, etc).  His name is obnoxiously echoed throughout the mixtape like a bloody “this is a promotional copy” voice, only we get lines like “the, the, the Cannon Cannon,” and “I go by the name the great Don Cannon,” and “Canonn Cannon Cannon Cannon,” and “the Cannon the Cannon the Cannon.”  Holy fuck it is painful.  I seriously feel like I’m listening to a ‘not-for-resale’ copy of an album – only I downloaded it straight from the official Cool Kids website.

If it wasn’t for Don Cannon, this mixtape might be listenable.  But I can’t tell.  If anyone knows where I can get a copy of this mixtape with ONLY Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish on the mic PLEASE send me a link, and I’ll write a re-review.

Seriously though, is this kind of shit normal for hip-hop mixtapes?  Cause if it is, it’s bullshit, and if it’s not, the Cool Kids are idiots.

But I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Cool Kids would turn to mainstream promotional bullshit, seeing as they’ve worked with Mountain Dew and HBO, and are going on the”NBA 2K Bounce Tour” with Q-Tip.  But I mean damn, they had a little indie-cred to begin with – they were opening for M.I.A. at one point – but I wouldn’t be surprised if they got boo’d off the stage now trying to play for an indie crowd.

I’m also wondering if the Cool Kids are running out of things to say, ’cause I have a sneaking suspicion (see Reeboks, Nike, & Adidas) that they might be; the subject matter in the first 7 tracks of this 21 track mixtape didn’t exactly sound brilliant.

Now I wonder: would this mixtape have been better if the Cool Kids had stuck it out with A-Track’s record label?

MP3: the Cool Kids “Gone Fishing Mixtape” (192kbps) (Link)



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2 responses to “mixtape review: the Cool Kids “Gone Fishing”

  1. dadeism

    the mixtape was not that bad, i didnt finish it either but cmone dude, its free. how amnny artist do that? as far as the whole hipster thing, just because they dress a certain way doesnt mean their music is all about that. the cool kids are fresh. That cannon cannon cannon shit IS REALLLLLY PHUCKIN ANOYING THO.

  2. lacinta

    Good thoughts dadeism. My main complaint is certainly the “Cannon Cannon Cannon” shit — it makes the mixtape unlistenable. But yah, otherwise it’s tight that the Cool Kids gave away a mixtape. And my rating is largely based on the fact that listening to “Cannon” made it impossible for me to finish the mixtape, and if you can’t even listen to something all the way through?… not a good sign. Also, I have no problem with the Cool Kids not rapping about hipster shit, I was just getting the impression that they might be pushing their rhymes to appeal to an even broader audience, which (to me at least) is unfortunate.

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