music video review: Matt & Kim “Lessons Learned”

indecently exposed indie-rockers…

..out in the cold…

mattkimvidreview1 you mega bonus points.

At first I thought that Matt & Kim’s 2009 album Grand was really fun indie-pop-rock, but at the same time kind of novel and cheesy.  I definitely enjoyed it from the start, but I thought it would wear old quickly; however, it’s been a few months now, and although I don’t play it anywhere near daily (mind you, I don’t play anything daily), I probably listen to it at least once a week… which means you should probably take a listen if you haven’t yet.  I think part of the appeal might be the lack of really fun electro/pop music this winter (besides, of course, the odd track by the Golden Filter, Little Boots, Uffie, etc.), and the almost 0ver abundance of really good, sort-of-depressing, lo-fi indie-rock; but I’m just trying to make excusing for enjoying such accessible music.

On to the video…

It’s all shot in public, in one take, in the winter, in Time Square, and all the pieces seem to fall into place perfectly.

This music video is ridiculously entertaining, which is a perfect fit for Matt & Kim.

I’m typically hyper-critical of music videos – even more so than music – but I’m not going to ruin the really enjoyable aesthetic of this video by picking it apart.  All I’m going to say is: it’s very rare that I watch a music video from beginning to end, and I watched this one all the way through, twice.

(Every time I say “twice” at the end of the statement I think of Art Brut’s Eddie Argos talk-singing “I’ve seen her naked, twice!”  on “Good Weekend“.  Damn those annoying bastards.)



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