leaked: Passion Pit “Manners” LP


Only 8 or so months after their fantastic debut EP Chunk of Change – which earned the band instant semi-mainstream-indie buzz status, Pitchfork acclaim, commercial spots with Sony Canada, publicity through MTV, iTunes, CMJ, BBC, and the ‘not surprisingly laggard’ NME.com, and a forthcoming appearance on Josh Schwartz’s Rockeville, CA  – Passion Pit return (probably too quickly) with their debut LP, and I’m far too scared of disappointment to listen to it.  I suspect it’ll be too fluffy, rushed, and radio-friendly for my tastes, but garner infinite praise from the likes of NME.com (see Black Kids); I really hope I’m wrong though, but judging by the mediocre songs floating around the web ,”The Reeling” and “Moth’s Wings,” I’m probably right…  in any case, I’ll let you know when I get up the courage up to check it out.



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2 responses to “leaked: Passion Pit “Manners” LP

  1. LaMescla

    Im really excited for this release. Outside of the standout “Sleepyhead” I felt a Chunk of Change was lacking and fairly uninspired. Hopefully Passion pit has put together the amazing album I know they are capeable of.

    (post link to sleepyhead)

  2. lacinta

    Here’s “Sleepyhead”

    The song is from the Chunk of Change EP, and we be re-appearing on the Manners LP.

    Honestly though, I think you’re going to find that the Chunk of Change EP is far superior to the Manners LP. Manners is rushed; it’s total “Black Kids syndrome”.

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