Liam’s signature clothing is Pretty Green, but not literally “green”…

..and definitely won’t feature anything “skinny”.


“Encapsulating the style and swagger of the most iconic front man of our generation”

— the Pretty Green ‘slogan’

(via using a font from a previous generation)

Self-proclaimed rock AND fashion guru Liam Gallagher has started his own clothing line.  It’s called Pretty Green, and Liam swears that it isn’t “gonna be putting anything out, unless [he’d] wear it.”

My first thought was “wow, I can’t believe that asshole is actually starting a “green” (environmentally friendly) clothing company.”  Well, apparently he’s not.  There is nothing on Pretty Green’s website to indicate any pro-environment measures being taken.  There is nothing mentioned about organic, sustainable, or free-trade materials, and there is nothing mentioned about “green” precautions being used in designing, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, or transporting the clothing.  I emailed the company’s “Press Inquiry” address today to ask about their environmental practices, so I’ll make an update if the company actually graces me with a response.

Regardless of this seemingly poor/controversial choice of brand-name, I can’t think of too many other rock-stars whose clothing I’d be less interested in wearing; the only one that comes to mind is Chad Kruegar.  But if for some reason you’re interested – possibly because the idea of Liam branded clothing is hilarious – this is why Liam started the company:

“Clothes and music are my passion. I’m not here to rip anyone off and I’m not doing it for the money either. I’m doing it cuz there’s a lack of stuff out there of the things I would wear”
— Liam Gallagher 2009

Now I’m wondering, what kind of zany clothing does Liam want that nobody makes?  (And do you really think this clothing is going to be fairly priced?!)

Well, according to this ultra-gritty/ultra-stylized black and white video “About The Official Liam Gallagher Mens [sic] Clothing Line,” – which surprisingly is soundtracked by Pop Levi, and not Liam himself – the man is interested in black and brown clothing, and he’s “not into any skinny look, these skinny things,” and wants to “fucking get rid of that shit,” because – to paraphrase Liam – he is getting old.

I wonder if the clothing comes with those sweet chops, or the room full of “clever British marketing people” that are no doubt behind this company?

Anyhow, if you’re perverse enough to want some Liam-branded clothing, you can get a membership that basically gives you a place in line to buy the clothing, awesome.

“Pretty Green members will be invited to an exclusive online pre-sell before the official launch in June. Sign up now.” — Pretty Green

Or, you can visit Liam super-fans and enter for a chance to win some pre-release Pretty (not) Green clothing.

Next up, Nike Air-Liam?




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