are Busy P & Chad Krueger the same person?!

kruegbusypJust noticed that Busy P aka Pedro Winter – ex-Daft Punk manager//Ed Banger owner/manager – and Chad KruegerNickelback singer//Canadian “rock legend” – might be the same person.

Could it be that ‘post-ironic band tees’ vs. ‘designer-douche-bag jeans’ conceal his/their mutual identity?

Does Busy Krueg/Chad P/Pedro Kruegar/Chad Winter live in both France AND Canada?

Does he/it own both the electrohouse AND the d-bag radio-rock scenes?

Does this explain why the Ed Banger electro-stars Justice remixed U2 + Lenny Kravitz?

I am so flustered/confused/dumbfounded… I mean, is it still legit to have a crush on Uffie?


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