Holy Fuck, it’s 4:20

Two different friends – including DJ PF – recently reminded me of how 4:20 appropriate Holy Fuck can be.

And if there’s anything you should really celebrate on 4:20, it’s the psychedelic indie-rock that may or may not be directly influenced by drug-culture.

In honor of psychedelic indie-rock, here’s a trippy music video for Holy Fuck’s “Milkshake.”  It’s a couple years old, but it’s still good.


What’s your 4:20 playlist?

Take a look at my current 4:20 playlist, after the jump:

The Flaming Lips “Borderline”

Animal Collective “Who Could Win a Rabbit”

Black Moth Super Rainbow “Forever Heavy”

Super Furry Animals “Pric”

WAVVES “Weed Demon”

Valet “Fuck It”

Studio “West Side”

Soft Circle “Earthed”

Fleet Foxes “Drops in the River”

Girls “Hellhole Ratrace”

Black Mountain “Druganaut”

Blind Man’s Color “Warm Current’s Pull”

Grizzly Bear “Two Weeks”

Beck “Nightmare Hippy Girl”

Alela Diane “White as Diamonds”

Beach House “Gila”

Air France “Never Content”

Asobi Seksu “Thursday”

Bjork “Wanderlust”

Talking Heads “Crosseyed and Painless”

Weird Tapes “Home”

Woods “Gypsy Hand”

The Cure “One Hundred Years”

M83 “We Own The Sky”

Bat for Lashes “Daniel”

Here We Go Magic “Tunnelvision”

High Places “Head Spins”

The Unicorns “I Was Born (a Unicorn)”

Grouper “Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping”

Panda Bear “Take Pills”

Micachu and The Shapes “Golden Phones”

Television “Marque Moon”

Sloan “Autobiography”

Jim Noir “Don’t You Worry”


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