LEAKED: Tiga “Ciao!” LP

Indie-dance-blog-kids rejoice!


I’m not a huge Tiga fan, but – considering recent events surrounding Crystal Castles – I may just be in the market for a new favorite Canadian indie-electro act, and Tiga is totally Canadian.  He is so Canadian in fact, that he won a Juno for Best Dance Recording for his (mediocre, if I may) debut studio album Sexor (2007).  Crystal Castles were nominated for the same award this year, but they lost out to Deadmau5.

So far this album sounds decent (nothing priceless, but better than Sexor), and I’m sure a lot of these tracks are going to get Hype Machined to death.  However, I can’t see myself actually listening to this album unless it’s to get my dance on: french-Canadian-club-style.

And what better way to cheese it up on the dancefloor than with Tiga’s new “Shoes.”  It’s one of the most shamelessly hilarious dance tracks I’ve heard in a long time.  It’s ridiculously catchy, but totally annoying.  Tiga duets (with himself, I think), asking “What’s that sound? I like that sound.  I love that sound,” and his query is answered with, quite simply, “It’s the sound of my shoes.”

Tiga “Shoes”

For more details on Tiga’s forthcoming LP, check out a track-by-track description of Ciao! from someone who’s a whole lot more passionate about Tiga than I am.


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